DSC_0463-2The Peaceful Pearls programme has been a real gift in my life in so many levels. Not only this has allowed me to gain access to many supportive tools to connect with Spirit but it has also simply allowed me to be part of a very safe and loving group. I feel blessed by the way Karen led the whole programme, in such a committed, professional and caring way. She is there for us 100% and accompanies us in our journey in such a loving way. I love as well how spontaneous and organic it felt all along: Karen just tunes in to Spirit and adapts her sessions to our needs or the main theme that is coming up for the group. She is also there for us if we need support in between our Skype meetings. I love the private FB page of our group where we can share our experiences if we feel like it and witness our own growth. It is a lively and active page with regular messages, questions, answers and insights that have helped me all along by keeping connected. It is a beautiful programme, deeply healing with lots of transformative processes. I feel that I have come to myself more thanks to this programme. I am more in touch with my essence and feel trust and support from Spirit. It hasn’t always been easy as we also get to dive into core wounds and shadow parts of ourselves, but for me it is where the gold can be found and true healing can happen.


Aurore Teuira UK/France