About Karen!


Karen Packwood.

A Woman Loving Her Soul – Inviting You To Do The Same!


“ When we slow down enough to sit still and listen, we can feel the whisper of our soul in the beat of our heart. We feel the motion of our life in our muscles and the song of our dreams in our cells. We find the compass within which guides us safely forward in our lives, away from the dark forests of the past to the open glades of the future.”

Karen Packwood – The Love Millionaire. ( To be published in 2017)


 Welcome to The Love Millionaire!  I’m so happy to welcome you and excited to share information about who I am and how I came to be working for Spirit as an author, clairvoyant and healer specialising in the deep soul healing of the wounds of childhood trauma in order to bring happiness and peace ( with a hint of magic and adventure!) to our adult life. 

 Let’s start with the ‘real’ me! On my twitter profile ( Karen Packwood@karen_packwood), I describe myself as:IMG_1544

 Mother. Writer. Clairvoyant. Healer. Spiritual Guide. Psychic Surgeon. Teacher. Lover. Wild Woman. Nature Lover. Traveller. Heart Healer. Firewalker. Adventurer. Risk Taker!

  I guess that about sums me up! I’m passionate about all of these things and am proud to say that I’m living my life as joyfully and adventurously as I possibly can!  It wasn’t always like this however.  There was a time when I was as far removed from joyful as you can get.

 Before my days of working for Spirit I had a major breakdown suffering from severe depression. I was so far removed from my ‘true’ self that, at points, I felt suicidal.

 During this time, I felt so profoundly lost and bereft that I made the decision to let go of my long-term career  within education where I worked as a teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator with responsibility for children with emotional, learning and behavioural issues. I’d also counselled under-graduates at Cambridge University and worked, for several years, with survivors of Concentration Camps and Civil Victims of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Yet, something was stirring deep within me and I knew that if I didn’t listen, I would never feel well again. I realised that I had no alternative but to honour the whisperings of my soul.

What Was It Stirring Within Me –  Calling To Me From Afar?

 Looking back, I realise that those stirrings were everything I feel about my life today : joy was calling me alongside passion and the desire to live my life to my highest potential in every way – spiritually, creatively, emotionally, psychologically, and last but not least, financially. I was bursting out of my own seams and had no choice but to let those seams tear apart to reveal all of who was lying dormant in the dark recesses of my soul.

 It was time to come to life. Fully to life. No more living dead or dead living.


 I didn’t, however, bargain for the role that Spirit was to play in my life once I had made the decision to let the seams of my life burst open. It was quite a shock.

 I’ve always been a spiritual person with a strong connection to my faith in the universal energy of love and light but it had always remained a ‘hobby’. Something private and personal, informing my own life rather than being ‘out there’ and ‘public’.

 I’d been quietly channeling healing and clairvoyant readings to people for years and had no conscious desire to ‘bring it out’ on a professional level for fear of being seen as a crank or a real weirdo! I’d also been writing quietly for years too. But now it was time to ‘bring it out’


 ‘What,’ I wondered, ‘would my colleagues think? My friends? How would strangers react to me when I said I was a clairvoyant? A healer? A spiritual guide? And, most worrying of all, a psychic surgeon? A writer! Wouldn’t I be ran out of town?’ I had been a teacher for goodness sake! A nice, sensible, respectful, professional person! 

Just Do It!

So, for the longest time, I ignored the voice inside which whispered:

 ‘Bring the clairvoyance out.’

 I ignored the voice which called:

 ‘Honour the part of you that yearns to write…’IMG_4521

 I certainly wasn’t listening to the voice that whispered:

 ‘ You have work to do.’

 Most of all, I ignored the voice that urged,

 ‘Just do it!’

 Little by little, however, it became obvious that there was no choice. My work for Spirit had to come out and not just out, it had to come out loud and proud – full of joy and love and gentleness. Sometimes challenging, sometimes playful. But, most of all, deeply sacred.

 Listening to the Sacred Call: 

 Once I began listening to this sacred calling, my life  turned around for the better.  I began to feel well again, my depression lifted, my confidence grew – along with my happiness.

Before this could happen, I also had to re-visit the wounds of the past before being able to step in to the joy of my future. It was only by doing this, with Spirit’s support and guidance, that I finally came to a place where I truly liked myself, loved myself  and could enter in to a magical co-creation of a stunning life for myself. 

Having The Courage To Listen.

 I’m so happy that I finally found the courage to listen.


 I am in awe of how my life has changed since facing my wounds.  

How Do I Feel Now, Since Stepping Fully Into My Spiritual and Creative Power?

SEXY!                WILD!              ALIVE!           FREE!


Pretty good, don’t you think?

I would love for you to feel like that too!

If you have unhealed trauma from long ago that hinders your confidence and joy in life, please  feel free to explore my work further by visiting my ‘Work with Karen’ page where you can discover what it is that I actually do! 

My deepest desire for you is that you come to recognise your true worth in this life – and that you feel happy, peaceful, blessed and content.

Thank you for becoming part of ‘The Love Millionaire’ Community. 

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to transform your life! 

With All My Love,



” Sometimes, the most profound adventures lie within us and the greatest journey is the journey of our own transformation once we begin to honour our truth.”

Karen Packwood – The Love Millionaire ( to be published in 2017)

 PS:  You can watch a short film I made about my experience of breakdown and recovery here:   https://youtu.be/IsfYNaMyfyQ    but be warned, it’s not a ‘professionally’ produced video, it’s just me in all my raw ‘glory’ sitting in a forest sharing my journey.

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